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Kristály Panzió - Bük- Hungary -For Sale
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Andrew Nagy
Real Estate Brokerage

For Sale

Kristály Panzió
Hotel & Restaurant

Located in a nationally known "health-spa" area
Bük - Hungary
Near Sopron - Szombathely

Fully equipped;
Frontage 80 meter, Lot size: 3641 m2.- Used:1550 m2
10 apartment, 5 x 1-1/2 room, 7 x 1 room and a 5 room apartment for the owners.
Restaurant 150 seats, 200 with the terrace parking for 49 cars
Also included adjacent an extra lot: 1036 m2 may be used for other extensions
Owners are willing to lease back the business (terms to be agreed)

$1,500,000.00 USD

The accupancy rate since April 10th, 2000 till July 1st, 2002 is 68%.
It is also possible to purchase 2/3 of the property (with business)
1/3 to be kept by the present owners (and they will continue to run the business).
Profit and Loss statement with Andrew Nagy, Realtor


The village of Bük, is a fast upcoming health-spa has 3000 inhabitants and is situated in the valley of the River Répce abt. 27 and 45 kilometers of Szombathely and Sopron . The area of the village has been inhabited since the beginning of the 10th century. Instead of petroleum, thermal water was found at the border of the village. Hydrotherapeutic establishment started to operate in 1962, on a seasonal basis. Since the 1970s, Bükfürdo has become a resort of international significance. Among the many activities we find one of the most wonderful 18-hole golf courts in Europe. It is the thermal baths, which has extraordinary characteristics that made the name of Bük world-famous, with the traditional Hungarian hospitality.
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