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Andrew Nagy
Real Estate Brokerage

Near the city of Eger
Located in the greenbelt of the city
Backing unto a creek.
With car it is about 10-15 minutes from the center of the city. Corner property, lot about 1000 s/meter two frontage about 25 s/meter each. In the garden is a summer BBQ Park setting like back yard. The outside wall is painted in two colors with "szomolyai" stone decoration. With three entrances, Alarm.

ON THE MAIN FLOOR: kitchen, cold room plus two other rooms, bathroom, glass-wall living room, sauna, bedroom, gardrob.
SECOND FLOOR: marble stair to the second floor. three rooms family room, bathroom with separate room for the toilet bidet and a large balcony, in total 406 s/meter.
EXTRAS: Gas Hot water Heater, electric stove, dishwasher, carburetor, intercom, automatic gates with remote, fan in all washrooms, water purifier.

55 Million Forint
For more information Please call me personaly
E-mail: Andrew Nagy